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DV Talent is a media resources company that provides three essential services – people, skills and training, and production and film equipment - for the broadcast industry and beyond.

Based in a converted 19th century warehouse in the heart of the thriving television production community in Camden, north London, DV Talent has become one of the most established and trusted names in the industry.

The company was founded by Sarah Lee, a senior television producer and director, originally as an agency for other freelancers like her.  (Hence the name, ‘DV Talent’ – a reference to what was, way back in the late 90s, cutting-edge technology.)

She soon realised that the people she represented needed to be trained – to ensure they remained at the forefront of such a rapidly evolving industry.

So DV Talent developed a training school too. Initially, just for the people on our books, but soon, as demand ballooned, we opened our doors to the wider industry.

Our ethos was simple – but pioneering:

  • That our training would be firmly based around the realities of production, so that what our trainees learnt would be of immediate value to their working lives;

  • That storytelling is what our industry is about - so all our courses are as much about the editorial, the craft of storytelling, as the technical. After all, there's limited value in knowing what buttons to push on a camera, if you have no idea of how to direct, or the grammar of filmmaking;

  • That the tutors were all leading figures in their field: active and acclaimed filmmakers passing on their current, frontline knowledge.

It is that ethos which infuses all our training – from camera courses to researcher ones, from presenting to app development, from the high-level business and mentoring programmes we run for Execs and MDs, to the ‘Get Into TV’ workshops for runners and other new entrants.

Having built our reputation providing people and training, it didn’t take a big leap to realise that the industry could do with a kit hire company that had the backing and expert support of some of the country’s leading filmmakers, and that was tuned into the ever-shifting needs of freelancers and productions, so we created The Kit Room to fill that gap.

And where does The Talent Manager fit into all this? 

Well, just as the industry evolves, so have we. As more and more companies recruited talent managers, the role of our agency changed. So we changed too. There was, we found, a real need for a central online meeting place for production companies and freelancers to exchange information about their upcoming jobs and productions, credits and availability, in a way that reflected the realities of production better than existing jobs' boards or generic social media sites. And, so far, so good. In just one year, The Talent Manager has become the 'go to' resource for hundreds of production companies, and has more than 13,000 registered freelancers. 

It’s a lot of ground to cover, we know.

But we believe the three are complementary, so that each is greater than the sum of its parts.

The media is about storytelling. We facilitate that process.

We help find the people with the right vision and craft

We help those people develop their skills and therefore their vision

We provide the tools needed to execute that vision

And we’re always keen to improve, develop, learn and collaborate.

So if you have any suggestions, or think we can help with a project you have in the pipeline, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, here’s our team:









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