About DV Talent

DV Talent is a media resources company that provides three essential services – people, skills and training, and production and film equipment - for the broadcast industry and beyond.

The company was founded by Sarah Lee, a senior television producer and director, originally as an agency for other freelancers like her. (Hence the name, ‘DV Talent’ – a reference to what was, way back in the late 90s, cutting-edge technology). She soon realised that the people she represented needed to be trained – to ensure they remained at the forefront of such a rapidly evolving industry - so DV Talent developed a training school too. Initially, just for the people on our books, but soon, as demand ballooned, we opened our doors to the wider industry. And as we had kit for our training, we started hiring it out too - to companies and freelancers who came on our courses.

Today, we have separated these services into three distinct brands:

  • The Talent Manager – is the central database for production companies to find the right production talent at the right time. It’s replaced our old offline agency and is now the main site for freelancers to find work, and companies to find the best talent.
  • Develop Talent – is the UK’s leading independent training provider for professionals working in the television, film and digital media industries.
  • The Kit Room – provides cameras, lights, sound and grip for hire to the broadcast and digital industries.

Together they form the DV Talent group – one of the most trusted names in the broadcast industry.

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